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Proof Of High High Technology In Ancient Peru And Bolivia

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Click HERE: to join stars of 'Ancient Aliens' BRIEN FOERSTER and HUGH NEWMAN on a unique

Anatomy Expert Believes Enigmatic Skeleton Of Peru Is Not Human

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Chris Walling is one of many medical experts, including doctors nurses and dentists from the US and other countries that Brien Foerster has shown the mysterious Huayqui skeleton of Peru to.

Peru Lost Ancient Technology Tour September 2014

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No other tour company offers a scientific and spiritual look at ancient megalithic sites in Peru and Bolivia that were made thousands of years before the Inca. With us, for the first time ever, are experts of ancient ...

Mayan Civilization | Maya Are People (1951) | Rare Documentary

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Mayan Civilization - Maya Are People (1951) - Rare Documentary Rare and somewhat unusual documentary about the Lacandones of southern Yucatan, Mexico. Les Mitchel, director and narrator, flies one Lacandon community ...

Egyptians in Australia – part 2 – Steven Strong

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Egyptians in Australia-Part 2, is an interview with David Fitzgerald a former employee of Brisbane Waters National Parks and Wildlife

The Tartaria Tablets: A Mathematical Interpretation

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Dr. Massey presents his theory on one of the Tartaria tablets. He demonstrates that the circular tablet is describing numbers in two different ways and presents a multiplication formula.

David Wilcock: The Synchronicity Key | Pt. 1

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In Part 1 of his epic YouTube comeback video, NYT best-selling author and TV host David Wilcock asks profound questions: What if the Universe is alive -- and is trying to communicate with you through synchronicity and...

Search For The Lost Civilization Of Konko Wankane In Bolivia

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Seldom ever visited and hard to find, Konko Wankane is a collection of stone carvings on the barren altiplano of Bolivia which dates from at least 2000 years ago, and may have given rise to the more famous Tiwanaku ci...

Ancient Peru and Bolivia Tour: Ancient Aliens and Earth Energies

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Full details and booking page here: Tour: 26th - 30th October 2013 (add-on)Peru Tour:

Egypt Underground: The Ancient 100 Ton Stone Boxes Of The Serapeum

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Inside a tunnel system carved out of the solid limestone bedrock in the desert of Egypt, more than 20 granite boxes made of precision shaped Aswan granite are a true enigma. Said by some to have been the burial places...

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