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Abu Ghurob Egypt: Obvious Evidence Of Lost Ancient High Technology

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Abu Ghurob is close to the Giza Plateau, yet few people ever visit it, since it is not on the tourist map. I have the great pleasure to explore this place and others with the only people who really see the Lost Ancien...

Giant Underground Stone Boxes Near The Pyramids In Egypt

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Ancient Egypt: Exploring Tunnels Under The Sands Of Saqqara

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There are series of tunnels under the famous Giza Plateau in Egypt, as confirmed by first hand experience. But even more surprising is there is a network that extends well beyond this. At Saqqara, south of Giza we exp...

Lost Ancient High Technology Of Egypt: The 1200 Ton Obelisk

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One of the most amazing and least understood attempted achievements of ancient Egypt is the 1200 ton unfinished obelisk located in the Aswan quarry.The dynastic people could not have shaped this huge stone, due to its...

Giant Acoustic Chambers Inside The Red Pyramid In Egypt

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Giza Pyramid: Evidence Of Ancient Machining

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Although most people think that the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt was made by the Dynastic Egyptians about 4500 years ago, in this video you will see compelling evidence that massive saws were used to cut many of the...

Before The Pharaohs: The Megalithic Builders Of Egypt

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Click here: to join myself, along with Megalithomania on a unique tour around Peru and Bolivia

Egypt: Exploring Ancient Tunnels Carved Into A Mountainside

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In late March and early April we explored parts of Egypt that few visitors ever see, and one such place was the Tombs Of The Nobles near Aswan. Used to some degree as tombs by dynastic Egyptians, possibly Greeks, Roma...

Did One Of The Egyptian Pyramids Explode 12,000 Years Ago?

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Evidence That The Maya Culture Visited Ancient Egypt?

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Many academics would laugh at the idea that cultures such as the Maya of Central America were in contact with and actually lived in ancient Egypt 3000 years ago. However, tantalizing evidence in this video suggest tha...

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