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Did One Of The Egyptian Pyramids Explode 12,000 Years Ago?

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The Ancient Egypt You Have Never Heard Of: Part 2 Of 2

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Stephen Mehler, featured here is an expert on the subject of ancient Egypt; the language, philosophy and ancient structures. His decades of in depth research will blow your mind and teach what you did not know about t...

Ancient Egypt: Exploring Tunnels Under The Sands Of Saqqara

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There are series of tunnels under the famous Giza Plateau in Egypt, as confirmed by first hand experience. But even more surprising is there is a network that extends well beyond this. At Saqqara, south of Giza we exp...

Egypt: Tunnels And Chambers In The Valley Of The Queens

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The locations in this video are not seen by tourists, but thanks to the Khmemit School, we were given unprecedented access to a small portion of a huge system of tunnels and chambers under the Valley of the Queens. Ca...

Egypt Underground: The Enigmatic Serapeum Of Saqqara

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At the site of Saqqara in Egypt there is a series of underground tunnels carved into the bedrock which contain more than 20 stone boxes weighing at least 90 tons each. Explore with us as we figure out who made them: S...

Great Pyramid: Ancient Machining Evidence

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See the compelling evidence in this video that ancient machines assisted in the construction of the Giza pyramids of Egypt. Long believed that slaves made them, you will see the actual tool marks and massive stone blo...

Red Pyramid Of Egypt: Acoustic Resonance Testing

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Although not as famous as those at Giza, the Red and Bent pyramids of Dashur in Egypt may have had the same function as the Great pyramid; massive acoustic and or vibrational generators made long before the presence o...

Egypt Lost Ancient Technology And Spirituality Tour 2014

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Interpretation of the stone monuments of the ancient land of Egypt has been more or less the sole domain of what are called Egyptologists for more than 100 years. However, local indigenous knowledge, combined with obs...

Lost Ancient High Technology Of Egypt Before The Pharaohs Part 2

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Contrary to the thoughts of most historians and egyptologists, mounting evidence from engineers, geologists and other scientific minds are revealing the concept that the Sphinx, Great Pyramid and other famous Egyptian...

Hidden History Of The Ancient World: Part 2: Egypt

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http://www.hiddenincatours.comDenmark: I was invited to the Open Mind Conference in Denmark where I spoke to an

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