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Abu Ghurob Egypt: Obvious Evidence Of Lost Ancient High Technology

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Abu Ghurob is close to the Giza Plateau, yet few people ever visit it, since it is not on the tourist map. I have the great pleasure to explore this place and others with the only people who really see the Lost Ancien...

Akhenaten: Who Was This Mysterious Egyptian Pharaoh?

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One of the most mysterious people in Egyptian history is Akhenaten, husband of Nefertiti, and presumed, by some, to be the father of Tutankhamen. In this video expert Stephen Mehler presents a logical reasoning as to ...

Ancient Egypt: Exploring Tunnels Under The Sands Of Saqqara

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There are series of tunnels under the famous Giza Plateau in Egypt, as confirmed by first hand experience. But even more surprising is there is a network that extends well beyond this. At Saqqara, south of Giza we exp...

Ancient Egyptian Glass From Outer Space | BBC Documentary

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Horizon follows a team of scientists set out to solve the mystery of chunks of ancient glass scattered in a

Before The Pharaohs: The Megalithic Builders Of Egypt

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Click here: to join myself, along with Megalithomania on a unique tour around Peru and Bolivia

Bent Pyramid Of Egypt: Intentional Design Of 12,000 Years Ago

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Coast to Coast Radio: Lost Technology of Ancient Egypt

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Researcher Chris Dunn has worked at every level of high-tech manufacturing, and has used his machinist's point of view to

Deep Inside The Great Pyramid In Egypt

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Did One Of The Egyptian Pyramids Explode 12,000 Years Ago?

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Egypt 2015: Lost Ancient High Technology Tour

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Come and explore Egypt March 8 to 21, 2015 on a unique tour that thoroughly covers the Lost Ancient High Technology aspects of this amazing ancient land. You will see clear evidence, on the tour and also in this video...

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