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Evidence Of Ancient Machining Technology In Egypt

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This video will show that the history of Egypt dates much farther back in time than Egyptologists admit. Rather than culture arising there 5000 years ago, add at least 7000 to that. The people that existed before the ...

Lost Ancient High Technology Of Egypt: The 1200 Ton Obelisk

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One of the most amazing and least understood attempted achievements of ancient Egypt is the 1200 ton unfinished obelisk located in the Aswan quarry.The dynastic people could not have shaped this huge stone, due to its...

Graham Hancock’s “Quest For The Lost Civilization” (Full Movie)

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Graham Hancock's "Quest For The Lost Civilization" (1998)   In this set of three videotapes, writer Graham Hancock traverses the world and explains his controversial theory that an ancient civilization, highly ...

Egypt’s Massive Stone Statues: Who Made Them? And How?

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Egypt is well known for its amazing ancient heritage, and especially that of the dynastic people, the so called pharaohs.

Deep Inside The Great Pyramid In Egypt

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Lost Ancient High Technology Of Egypt Before The Pharaohs Part 1

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Contrary to the thoughts of most historians and egyptologists, mounting evidence from engineers, geologists and other scientific minds are revealing the concept that the Sphinx, Great Pyramid and other famous Egyptian...

Graham Hancock Presenting at the 2012 Conference

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See Graham's book Fingerprints of the Gods: |US- |UK- |CA-

The Ancient Inca Temple Of Cusco: Sonic And Energy Fields

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Join us on tour:September 2014: 2014: Coricancha in Cusco is believed by many archaeologists to b...

Evidence That The Maya Culture Visited Ancient Egypt?

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Many academics would laugh at the idea that cultures such as the Maya of Central America were in contact with and actually lived in ancient Egypt 3000 years ago. However, tantalizing evidence in this video suggest tha...

Red Pyramid Of Egypt: Acoustic Resonance Testing

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Although not as famous as those at Giza, the Red and Bent pyramids of Dashur in Egypt may have had the same function as the Great pyramid; massive acoustic and or vibrational generators made long before the presence o...

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