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Egypt Lost Ancient Technology And Spirituality Tour 2014

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Interpretation of the stone monuments of the ancient land of Egypt has been more or less the sole domain of what are called Egyptologists for more than 100 years. However, local indigenous knowledge, combined with obs...

Egypt Underground: The Ancient 100 Ton Stone Boxes Of The Serapeum

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Inside a tunnel system carved out of the solid limestone bedrock in the desert of Egypt, more than 20 granite boxes made of precision shaped Aswan granite are a true enigma. Said by some to have been the burial places...

Egypt Underground: The Enigmatic Serapeum Of Saqqara

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At the site of Saqqara in Egypt there is a series of underground tunnels carved into the bedrock which contain more than 20 stone boxes weighing at least 90 tons each. Explore with us as we figure out who made them: S...

Egypt: Exploring Ancient Tunnels Carved Into A Mountainside

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In late March and early April we explored parts of Egypt that few visitors ever see, and one such place was the Tombs Of The Nobles near Aswan. Used to some degree as tombs by dynastic Egyptians, possibly Greeks, Roma...

Egypt: Tunnels And Chambers In The Valley Of The Queens

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The locations in this video are not seen by tourists, but thanks to the Khmemit School, we were given unprecedented access to a small portion of a huge system of tunnels and chambers under the Valley of the Queens. Ca...

Egypt’s Massive Stone Statues: Who Made Them? And How?

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Egypt is well known for its amazing ancient heritage, and especially that of the dynastic people, the so called pharaohs.

Evidence Of Ancient Machining Technology In Egypt

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This video will show that the history of Egypt dates much farther back in time than Egyptologists admit. Rather than culture arising there 5000 years ago, add at least 7000 to that. The people that existed before the ...

Evidence That The Maya Culture Visited Ancient Egypt?

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Many academics would laugh at the idea that cultures such as the Maya of Central America were in contact with and actually lived in ancient Egypt 3000 years ago. However, tantalizing evidence in this video suggest tha...

Giant Acoustic Chambers Inside The Red Pyramid In Egypt

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Giant Underground Stone Boxes Near The Pyramids In Egypt

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