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Search For The Star Child Skeleton Of Peru

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Lloyd Pye spent 12 years of his life studying what was thought to be a unique skull which has at least 25 characteristics which make it humanoid, but not human. Could a second such skull have been found in Peru? And w...

Exploring The Floating Islands Of Lake Titicaca In Peru

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The floating islands of the Uros people supposedly date back at least 1200 years, and perhaps much more. Join us and explore Peru and Bolivia this October:

Amazing Ancient Drawbridge At Machu Picchu

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Machu Pic’chu: Proof The Inca Discovered A Megalithic City

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Thought to have been exclusively created by the Inca about 500 years ago, there is compelling evidence that Machu Pic'chu was in fact found by the Inca, or at least the core of the city was. The Inca did not have the ...

Tiwanaku: Evidence Of Ancient Cataclysmic Destruction

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The ancient megalithic site of Tiwanaku in Bolivia, near Lake Titicaca is thought by conventional academics to be 2000 years

Flying Over Sachsayhuaman Near Cusco Peru

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The place called Sachsayhuaman above Cusco Peru is one of the largest archaeological sites in South America. The Inca of course created most of it, but the megalithic walls and some other structures were made by myste...

Did Ancient Egyptians Have Technology

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There are a series of hieroglyphics in a temple in Egypt which have stirred a lot of curiosity and speculation. Some believe they depict an army tank, a helicopter and other 20th century machines. Others think they ar...

Atlantis In The Andes Tour October 2015

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No one knows for sure if Atlantis ever existed, but author Jim Allen has found what he believes to be an ancient city on the altiplano of Bolivia that matches the city of Atlantis. Join us in October 2015 and see for ...

Astonishing Hidden Temple Near Cusco

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Click HERE: to join myself, along with David Hatcher Childress and Hugh Newman from 'Ancient Aliens'

Non-Human DNA Found in Elongated Paracas Skulls

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A DNA analysis of elongated Paracas skulls has shown that they may not be human and that they could come from an entirely new species that fits outside of the known evolutionary tree. This belief stems from a test tha...

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