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Puma Punku: Revolutionary New Way To Date The Stone

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The testing is going to be carried out at Purdue University in the US, coordinated by Dr. David Swenson. A link to the indiegogo campaign, and where you can contribute is here:

Astonishing Inca Stone Scale Model Of A City? Dr. Arlan Andrews Explains

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Is There A City Under Cusco Peru?

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Cusco Peru is of course well known as the capital of the Inca, from 1100 to 1533 AD. However, new excavations of a major Inca road has shown that an even more ancient city may lay below the Inca capital...

Puma Punku: Ancient Alien Technology From 12,000 Years Ago?

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Tunnels Beneath The Largest Pyramidal Structure In Mexico

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The Cholula pyramidal structure is believed to be the largest in the world and is about 2000 years old. Come as we explore the vast tunnel system below and within it.

Search For The Star Child Skeleton Of Peru

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Lloyd Pye spent 12 years of his life studying what was thought to be a unique skull which has at least 25 characteristics which make it humanoid, but not human. Could a second such skull have been found in Peru? And w...

The Giant Builders Of Ancient Cusco Peru

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Contrary to common belief, the massive megalithic work known as Sachsayhuaman above Cusco Peru was not the achievement of the Inca, but a much older and more high tech race. The Inca of course did construct aspects at...

Amazing Ancient Drawbridge At Machu Picchu

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Machu Pic’chu: Proof The Inca Discovered A Megalithic City

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Thought to have been exclusively created by the Inca about 500 years ago, there is compelling evidence that Machu Pic'chu was in fact found by the Inca, or at least the core of the city was. The Inca did not have the ...

Tiwanaku: Evidence Of Ancient Cataclysmic Destruction

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The ancient megalithic site of Tiwanaku in Bolivia, near Lake Titicaca is thought by conventional academics to be 2000 years

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