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Hidden Planet Of The NAZCA (Documentary)

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No where is the evidence so strong that Ancient Aliens existed on Earth in our deep past marking extraterrestrial influences that have shaped human history. Peru has become legendary to both explorers and scientists a...

Could This Be Atlantis? Pyramids Found in Waters Off Cuba

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Flight Over The Megalithic Devil’s Doorway In Peru

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One of the oddest ancient creations near the shore of Lake Titicaca in Peru is what is called the Devil's doorway. No one knows who made it or when. In this video, quadcopter Pachacutec explores in front, above and be...

Flying Over Sachsayhuaman Near Cusco Peru

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The place called Sachsayhuaman above Cusco Peru is one of the largest archaeological sites in South America. The Inca of course created most of it, but the megalithic walls and some other structures were made by myste...

Search For The Star Child Skeleton Of Peru

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Lloyd Pye spent 12 years of his life studying what was thought to be a unique skull which has at least 25 characteristics which make it humanoid, but not human. Could a second such skull have been found in Peru? And w...

Puma Punku: Revolutionary New Way To Date The Stone

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The testing is going to be carried out at Purdue University in the US, coordinated by Dr. David Swenson. A link to the indiegogo campaign, and where you can contribute is here:

Ancient Elongated Human Skulls Of Peru: At Ideacity 2014 In Toronto

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Search For The Lost Civilization Of Konko Wankane In Bolivia

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Seldom ever visited and hard to find, Konko Wankane is a collection of stone carvings on the barren altiplano of Bolivia which dates from at least 2000 years ago, and may have given rise to the more famous Tiwanaku ci...

Your Virtual Guide To Machu Pic’chu

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Machu Pic'chu is the most famous ancient monument in Peru, yet not all of it was made by the Inca. It is clear that the great Inca people found an ancient megalithic place, and added their works to a far older constru...

Proof Of High High Technology In Ancient Peru And Bolivia

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Click HERE: to join stars of 'Ancient Aliens' BRIEN FOERSTER and HUGH NEWMAN on a unique

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