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Graham Hancock: The Evolution of Human Technology

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Author Graham Hancock traveled with Brien Foerster's Hidden Inca Tours for 2 weeks in October 2013 exploring ancient megalithic and Inca sites. In this video he explores his ideas about the evolution of human technolo...

TIWANAKU: Lost Ancient High Technology Of Bolivia

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Tiwanaku is a megalithic site located at 13,000 feet of altitude and 5 miles from Lake Titicaca in Bolivia. Most conventional archaeologists date the site at about 2000 years old, but can not explain the technology us...

The Ancient And Enigmatic Sayhuite Stone Of Peru

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Were Egypt’s Obelisks Ancient Resonance Structures?

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The obelisks of Egypt are thought by most scholars to have been made by the dynastic Egyptians as markers of conquests and accomplishments. While this may be true of the carved messages on them, the obelisks themselve...

Flying Over Megaliths In Peru And Bolivia: Quadcopter Pachacutec

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There is no better way to see the finest of details of megalithic sites than the use of a quadcopter. Watch this video as my "Pachacutec" explores many ancient sites in Peru and Bolivia. Join us on a future tour here:...

Non-Human DNA Found in Elongated Paracas Skulls

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A DNA analysis of elongated Paracas skulls has shown that they may not be human and that they could come from an entirely new species that fits outside of the known evolutionary tree. This belief stems from a test tha...

Search For The Lost Civilization Of Konko Wankane In Bolivia

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Seldom ever visited and hard to find, Konko Wankane is a collection of stone carvings on the barren altiplano of Bolivia which dates from at least 2000 years ago, and may have given rise to the more famous Tiwanaku ci...

The Making Of Ica Stones Of Peru

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We visit a kind lady who says she has made at least 5000 of what are commonly known as the Ica Stones of Peru, near Nazca.

Submarine structures offshore western Cuba 1

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This one is the first of several videos to come, showing the real structures discovered between 500 and 900 meters

Search For The Star Child Skeleton Of Peru

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Lloyd Pye spent 12 years of his life studying what was thought to be a unique skull which has at least 25 characteristics which make it humanoid, but not human. Could a second such skull have been found in Peru? And w...

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