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Machu Pic’chu: Proof The Inca Discovered A Megalithic City

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Thought to have been exclusively created by the Inca about 500 years ago, there is compelling evidence that Machu Pic'chu was in fact found by the Inca, or at least the core of the city was. The Inca did not have the ...

Strange Phenomena In The Land Of The Inca

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Want to join us in BOLIVIA & PERU in 2013? Click HERE: to join stars of

Flight Over The Megalithic Devil’s Doorway In Peru

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One of the oddest ancient creations near the shore of Lake Titicaca in Peru is what is called the Devil's doorway. No one knows who made it or when. In this video, quadcopter Pachacutec explores in front, above and be...

Exploring Secret Ancient Tombs Of The Inca Of Peru

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Join David Hatcher Childress, Hugh Newman and Brien Foerster in Peru as they explore ancient Inca tombs and discover human skulls.

Could This Be Atlantis? Pyramids Found in Waters Off Cuba

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Underwater City Off of Cuba Part 2 (An Update)

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Despite some degree of publicity, these outrageous findings have still not been publicized for the outside world. On this second part you will get to see Zelitskys pyramid, from submersible view, compared with Bent Py...

Cusco Peru: Flying Over The Gate Of The Sun

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How We Know The Pharaohs Didn’t make The Sphinx

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Join us and explore some of these ancient enigmas:

The Mysterious “Stones Of The Moon” In Peru

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This is not a place that many foreign visitors ever see, but is very mysterious, as no one really knows who carved the massive hard stone into a precise U shape. Could it be a ritual place for moon ceremonies? Or a su...

Non-Human DNA Found in Elongated Paracas Skulls

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A DNA analysis of elongated Paracas skulls has shown that they may not be human and that they could come from an entirely new species that fits outside of the known evolutionary tree. This belief stems from a test tha...

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