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The Giant Builders Of Ancient Cusco Peru

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Contrary to common belief, the massive megalithic work known as Sachsayhuaman above Cusco Peru was not the achievement of the Inca, but a much older and more high tech race. The Inca of course did construct aspects at...

Massive Megalithic Mountain In The Jungle Of Bolivia

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Located in the high Bolivian jungle, Samaipata is a unique ancient megalithic site whose creators are as of yet unknown... More about Samaipata here:

Ancient Elongated Human Skulls Of Peru: At Ideacity 2014 In Toronto

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Sun Temple: Almost Impossible Precision In Stone

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Puma Punku: Revolutionary New Way To Date The Stone

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The testing is going to be carried out at Purdue University in the US, coordinated by Dr. David Swenson. A link to the indiegogo campaign, and where you can contribute is here:

The Ancient Inca Temple Of Cusco: Sonic And Energy Fields

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The Coricancha in Cusco is believed by many archaeologists to be the first building that the Inca ever made. The problem with that theory is that it is also the FINEST they ever made. It is my belief that this buildin...

Strange Phenomena In The Land Of The Inca

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Anatomy Expert Believes Enigmatic Skeleton Of Peru Is Not Human

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Chris Walling is one of many medical experts, including doctors nurses and dentists from the US and other countries that Brien Foerster has shown the mysterious Huayqui skeleton of Peru to.

Passage To The Maya Underworld (Documentary)

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The Maya of Central America were the greatest pyramid builders of the ancient world. The Egyptians built less than a 100 pyramids--the Maya built thousands. But what was the significance of these towering structures? ...

Your Virtual Guide To Machu Pic’chu

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Machu Pic'chu is the most famous ancient monument in Peru, yet not all of it was made by the Inca. It is clear that the great Inca people found an ancient megalithic place, and added their works to a far older constru...

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