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The Making Of Ica Stones Of Peru

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We visit a kind lady who says she has made at least 5000 of what are commonly known as the Ica Stones of Peru, near Nazca.

Passage To The Maya Underworld (Documentary)

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The Maya of Central America were the greatest pyramid builders of the ancient world. The Egyptians built less than a 100 pyramids--the Maya built thousands. But what was the significance of these towering structures? ...

Hidden Planet Of The NAZCA (Documentary)

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No where is the evidence so strong that Ancient Aliens existed on Earth in our deep past marking extraterrestrial influences that have shaped human history. Peru has become legendary to both explorers and scientists a...

Mayan Civilization | Maya Are People (1951) | Rare Documentary

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Mayan Civilization - Maya Are People (1951) - Rare Documentary Rare and somewhat unusual documentary about the Lacandones of southern Yucatan, Mexico. Les Mitchel, director and narrator, flies one Lacandon community ...

Tunnels Beneath The Largest Pyramidal Structure In Mexico

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The Cholula pyramidal structure is believed to be the largest in the world and is about 2000 years old. Come as we explore the vast tunnel system below and within it.

Puma Punku In Bolivia: Measuring The Enigma

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The ancient megalithic site called Puma Punku in Bolivia has not been adequately explained by scholars, and certainly not by archaeologists. Though it is claimed that this place was constructed by a relatively primiti...

The Mysterious “Stones Of The Moon” In Peru

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This is not a place that many foreign visitors ever see, but is very mysterious, as no one really knows who carved the massive hard stone into a precise U shape. Could it be a ritual place for moon ceremonies? Or a su...

Massive Megalithic Mountain In The Jungle Of Bolivia

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Located in the high Bolivian jungle, Samaipata is a unique ancient megalithic site whose creators are as of yet unknown... More about Samaipata here:

Flying Over Sachsayhuaman Near Cusco Peru

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The place called Sachsayhuaman above Cusco Peru is one of the largest archaeological sites in South America. The Inca of course created most of it, but the megalithic walls and some other structures were made by myste...

Flying Over Ancient Inca Sites Near Cusco Peru

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Thanks to new quadcopter technology with HD video I can now make videos which show more of ancient sites in Peru, Bolivia, Egypt and beyond with greater visual appeal and detail.

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