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Search For The Lost Civilization Of Konko Wankane In Bolivia

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Seldom ever visited and hard to find, Konko Wankane is a collection of stone carvings on the barren altiplano of Bolivia which dates from at least 2000 years ago, and may have given rise to the more famous Tiwanaku ci...

Very Strange “Alien” Skeleton In Peru: American Doctor And Nurses’ Observations

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In the small Peruvian town of Andahuayllilas there is a museum with a human like skeleton which confounds medical professionals. Watch here as an American doctor and nurse try to explain what it is they are observing.

Underwater City Off of Cuba Part 1 (The Discovery)

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About seven years ago the news went around the world and all over the net. National Geographic published an article

Did Ancient Egyptians Have Technology

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There are a series of hieroglyphics in a temple in Egypt which have stirred a lot of curiosity and speculation. Some believe they depict an army tank, a helicopter and other 20th century machines. Others think they ar...

The Secret Temple Of The Rainbow Of Peru

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Puma Punku: Ancient Alien Technology From 12,000 Years Ago?

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Enigmatic Ancient Fertility Temple Of Inca Peru

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This short video shows great examples of ancient stone cutting technology that clearly existed prior to the famous Inca of Peru. It suggests that a very advanced society existed in the area thousands of years before t...

Strange Phenomena In The Land Of The Inca

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Is There A City Under Cusco Peru?

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Cusco Peru is of course well known as the capital of the Inca, from 1100 to 1533 AD. However, new excavations of a major Inca road has shown that an even more ancient city may lay below the Inca capital...

The Mysterious Ica Stones Of Peru

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