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The Secret Temple Of The Rainbow Of Peru

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The Ancient Inca Temple Of Cusco: Sonic And Energy Fields

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The Coricancha in Cusco is believed by many archaeologists to be the first building that the Inca ever made. The problem with that theory is that it is also the FINEST they ever made. It is my belief that this buildin...

Advanced Machining Technology In Peru Before The Inca

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The Elongated Skulls Of Peru And Bolivia Revealed

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Cranial deformation of human skulls was a phenomenon that existed on all inhabited continents, and especially the case about 2000 years ago among the elite of societies. Nowhere was it more prevalent than it the count...

High Altitude Ancient Stone Energy Towers Of Peru

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On the altiplano of Peru, at 13,000 feet above sea level near Lake Titicaca there are large stone towers which most archaeologists believe were used by the Inca and Huari people to bury their dead. However, were the t...

Puma Punku: Revolutionary New Way To Date The Stone

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The testing is going to be carried out at Purdue University in the US, coordinated by Dr. David Swenson. A link to the indiegogo campaign, and where you can contribute is here:

Tiwanaku: Evidence Of Ancient Cataclysmic Destruction

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The ancient megalithic site of Tiwanaku in Bolivia, near Lake Titicaca is thought by conventional academics to be 2000 years

Underwater City Off of Cuba Part 2 (An Update)

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Despite some degree of publicity, these outrageous findings have still not been publicized for the outside world. On this second part you will get to see Zelitskys pyramid, from submersible view, compared with Bent Py...

Secrets of Machu Picchu in 3 Minutes

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Though most guides will tell you that Machu Picchu was 100% made by the Inca, there is compelling evidence in the stone work that at least 10% was made thousands of years before with a culture that had Advanced Ancien...

Flying Over Ancient Inca Sites Near Cusco Peru

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Thanks to new quadcopter technology with HD video I can now make videos which show more of ancient sites in Peru, Bolivia, Egypt and beyond with greater visual appeal and detail.

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