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Graham Hancock: The Evolution of Human Technology

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Author Graham Hancock traveled with Brien Foerster's Hidden Inca Tours for 2 weeks in October 2013 exploring ancient megalithic and Inca sites. In this video he explores his ideas about the evolution of human technolo...

Cusco Peru: Flying Over The Gate Of The Sun

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Ancient Peru: Link Between Elongated Skulls And Megaliths

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There is an interesting relationship between the presence of elongated skulls and possible signs of lost ancient technology in the Andes region of Peru. This shows a little known site...with odd results.

Passage To The Maya Underworld (Documentary)

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The Maya of Central America were the greatest pyramid builders of the ancient world. The Egyptians built less than a 100 pyramids--the Maya built thousands. But what was the significance of these towering structures? ...

The Making Of Ica Stones Of Peru

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We visit a kind lady who says she has made at least 5000 of what are commonly known as the Ica Stones of Peru, near Nazca.

Advanced Machining Technology In Peru Before The Inca

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Anatomy Expert Believes Enigmatic Skeleton Of Peru Is Not Human

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Chris Walling is one of many medical experts, including doctors nurses and dentists from the US and other countries that Brien Foerster has shown the mysterious Huayqui skeleton of Peru to.

Submarine structures offshore western Cuba 1

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This one is the first of several videos to come, showing the real structures discovered between 500 and 900 meters

Peru Lost Ancient Technology Tour September 2014

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No other tour company offers a scientific and spiritual look at ancient megalithic sites in Peru and Bolivia that were made thousands of years before the Inca. With us, for the first time ever, are experts of ancient ...

Ancient Elongated Red Haired Baby Skull Of Paracas Peru

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Click HERE: to join stars of 'Ancient Aliens' BRIEN FOERSTER and HUGH NEWMAN on a unique

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