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Flying Over Megalithic Cusco Peru: Qenqo

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This is the second test flight of Brien Foerster's quadcopter named Pachacutec. He flew it over the ancient site of Qenqo near Cusco Peru. On later flights he went to Sachsayhuaman, Ollantaytambo, Puma Punku and other...

Cusco Peru: Flying Over The Gate Of The Sun

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Very Strange “Alien” Skeleton In Peru: American Doctor And Nurses’ Observations

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In the small Peruvian town of Andahuayllilas there is a museum with a human like skeleton which confounds medical professionals. Watch here as an American doctor and nurse try to explain what it is they are observing.

Ancient Mysterious Energy Lines Of Sun Island In Bolivia

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The Island of the Sun in Lake Titicaca was the home to the Inca before they entered Cusco. We found that there are strong earth energy currents still working at a main sacred site on this island.

Ancient “Doorway Of The Devil” Amaru Muru Peru

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Early gateways?

TIWANAKU: Lost Ancient High Technology Of Bolivia

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Tiwanaku is a megalithic site located at 13,000 feet of altitude and 5 miles from Lake Titicaca in Bolivia. Most conventional archaeologists date the site at about 2000 years old, but can not explain the technology us...

Non-Human DNA Found in Elongated Paracas Skulls

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A DNA analysis of elongated Paracas skulls has shown that they may not be human and that they could come from an entirely new species that fits outside of the known evolutionary tree. This belief stems from a test tha...

Machu Pic’chu: Proof The Inca Discovered A Megalithic City

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Thought to have been exclusively created by the Inca about 500 years ago, there is compelling evidence that Machu Pic'chu was in fact found by the Inca, or at least the core of the city was. The Inca did not have the ...

Is There A City Under Cusco Peru?

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Cusco Peru is of course well known as the capital of the Inca, from 1100 to 1533 AD. However, new excavations of a major Inca road has shown that an even more ancient city may lay below the Inca capital...

Beyond Nazca Lines: Huge Geoglyph Carving Of Paracas

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