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The 2000 Year-Old Computer – Decoding the Antikythera Mechanism

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The Antikythera Mechanism Research Project: Latest news on the Antikythera Mechanism:

Ancient Africa A History Denied (Full Documentary)

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Ancient Africa - A History Denied (Full Documentary)

TIWANAKU: Lost Ancient High Technology Of Bolivia

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Tiwanaku is a megalithic site located at 13,000 feet of altitude and 5 miles from Lake Titicaca in Bolivia. Most conventional archaeologists date the site at about 2000 years old, but can not explain the technology us...

Morning Visits: A Sasquatch Listening Project Documentary

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This documentary picks up where "Return to the Ravine" leaves off, just at the point where I begin consistently interacting with the local Sasquatch group here, and covers this interaction as it unfolded from early Au...

Dr. John Hagelin on the Physics of Consciousness at the Majestic Theater

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The president of the David Lynch Foundation is Dr. John Hagelin, a world-renowned Quantum Physicist, educator, author and science and public policy expert. Dr. Hagelin has conducted pioneering research at the European...

Spirit Science 26 ~ The Big Picture

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Lets not get caught up on details, there is a bigger picture to this whole thing.  I think i'll let this video speak for itself. I would like to thank Yann Arthus-Bertrand for the creation of the movie "Home" from whi...

A Conspiracy History of the World: Andy Thomas

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Andy Thomas at the Open Mind conference 2013. Andy Thomas is one of the UK's leading researchers into unexplained mysteries and cover-ups and is the author of many books, including the acclaimed The Truth Agenda and h...

The Clementine Conspiracy a.k.a. Project Golden Dragon

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