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Ancient Alien Astronauts and the Artifact Evidence Full Documentary 2014

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Ancient Alien Astronauts and the Artifact Evidence (Full Documentary) . 2013 2014

UFO Files – UFO’s In The Bible

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Lights Over Edwards Air Force Base

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Get more information at Sorrells is a career Air Force military man who was at Edwards Air Force Base in 1965 when not one, but at least seven UFOs appeared over Edwards Air Force...

Australian UFOs and Alien Encounters Down Under (Full Documentary)

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Australian UFOs and Alien Encounters Down Under (Full Documentary)

Bashar on Neutrinos and what our scientists are about to discover

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Bashar explains the concept of the prime radiant, a particle that is massless, hence not affected by any force, hence moving at infinite speed, hence being anywhere and everywhere at the same time, bridging physics wi...

Evidence for the Tall White Aliens – Part 2

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Tall White facilities possibly located, and the US Government refusing to provide information.

Charles Hall – The Tall Whites – ET Experiences in the Nevada Desert

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LIVE WEBCAST where you can ask Charles Hall Questions (June 14th - 2013) Visit the webcast Facebook site here and

Metepec Creature DNA Results

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The Metepec, Mexico alien found has caused controversy since its discovery. Linked to aliens, mummies and other extraterrestrial and terran activities and rituals, the result is in: continued DNA testing shows that th...

Dr. Steven Greer presents “Contact and Disclosure: The Final Sequence”

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Dr. Steven Greer presents "Contact & Disclosure: The Final Sequence" at the European Exopolitics Summit 2009. This is the

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