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Ancient Alien Astronauts and the Artifact Evidence Full Documentary 2014

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Ancient Alien Astronauts and the Artifact Evidence (Full Documentary) . 2013 2014

Ancient Aliens: S01E01 “Chariots, Gods & Beyond”

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What if life on Earth began in outer space? Millions of people accept the theory that intelligent life forms visited Earth thousands of years ago and were worshiped as gods by primitive man. Are monuments like Stonehe...

Area 52 “The New Area 51”

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The show investigates the Dugway Proving Ground, a remote military testing facility near Dugway, Utah, and examine the reports of UFO activity that has surrounded the site for the past 10 years -- leading some UFO wat...

Australian UFOs and Alien Encounters Down Under (Full Documentary)

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Australian UFOs and Alien Encounters Down Under (Full Documentary)

Bashar on Neutrinos and what our scientists are about to discover

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Bashar explains the concept of the prime radiant, a particle that is massless, hence not affected by any force, hence moving at infinite speed, hence being anywhere and everywhere at the same time, bridging physics wi...

Blueprint for a UFO

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Mark McCandlish, US Air Force.For more information, visit at McCandlish is an accomplished aerospace illustrator and has worked for man...

Bridget Nielsen Interview – Hybrid Children

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Bridget is an author, artist, intuitive, medium, adventurer, raw chef and new world eco-pioneer. Through imagination and creativity, she fuses her expressions to lead a life of joy and excitement! One of her major lif...

Charles Hall – The Tall Whites – ET Experiences in the Nevada Desert

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LIVE WEBCAST where you can ask Charles Hall Questions (June 14th - 2013) Visit the webcast Facebook site here and

Confirmed: The U.S. Military Has Worked With Aliens?

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Australian TV airs interview with Charles Hall who claims to have worked with ET's at U.S. Bases.

Could this shocking photo from the 1960’s be proof of Aliens?

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A mysterious photograph with no plausible explanation. An aborted nuclear launch half a world away. And the continuing appearance of mysterious men in black. What happens when scientific explanations fail us? Could th...

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