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6 rooms into 1: Morphing Apartment Packs 1100 square feet into 420

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In 2010, we met Graham Hill- the founder of and a serial entrepreneur. He had just bought two tiny apartments in a century-old tenement building in Soho and he had plans to turn them into laboratories, ...

A Conspiracy History of the World: Andy Thomas

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Andy Thomas at the Open Mind conference 2013. Andy Thomas is one of the UK's leading researchers into unexplained mysteries and cover-ups and is the author of many books, including the acclaimed The Truth Agenda and h...

Ancient Elongated Human Skulls Of Peru: At Ideacity 2014 In Toronto

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Ascension is the expansion of awareness. This expansion of awareness comes naturally when we process fear, as well as debilitating programs and firewalls, and other low vibrations, from our lives. Why is it called Asc...

Being happy and living in the moment: Aisha Chaudhari at TEDxPune

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Seventeen year-old Aisha Chaudhary was born with an immune deficiency disorder and overcame a predicted life expectancy of only one year to have become an accomplished artist today. Despite a serious lung disease call...

California DIY, shipping container tiny home and a cargo trailer bedroom

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Lulu is a single mom who'd gone back to school and didn't have the time or interest in working full-time to pay for rent. So when she had to move out of her more conventional home, she decided to move herself and her ...

Did The Ancient Egyptians Invent The Zodiac After A Cataclysm?

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The origins of the zodiac are thought by many to be lost in time. In this video author Stephen Mehler suggests that this system was invented after a great cataclysm wreaked havoc on our planet some 11,500 years ago.

Dr. John Hagelin on the Physics of Consciousness at the Majestic Theater

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The president of the David Lynch Foundation is Dr. John Hagelin, a world-renowned Quantum Physicist, educator, author and science and public policy expert. Dr. Hagelin has conducted pioneering research at the European...

Dr. Robert Schoch: Atlantis And The Origins Of Civilization

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The world famous geologist weighs in on the subject of the origins of civilization and the evidence surrounding the concept that highly advanced cultures exited in the distant past, including Atlantis...

Eckhart Tolle TV: How can we resolve overpopulation?

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The actions required will arise from stillness in this 'Eckhart Answers' sample.If you enjoyed this video, you can watch the full version by visiting and signing up for a FREE trial of Ec...

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