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Dr. Greers Introduction to Free Energy Part 3

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To view the first video in this series, click here: Playlist with all released parts: Listen to Dr. Greer's overview of the New Energy m...

Tom Campbell: The History of Enlightenment From a Scientific Viewpoint

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The value of Tom's My Big TOE theory is that it is the best framework to date of how our reality works, and that it is inclusive of everyone.  The fundamental truths are there for both theist and atheist to agree on a...

Ancient Civilisations: Brien Foerster

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"Ancient Civilisations" Brien Foerster was born in the US, but moved to the west coast of Canada as a child, where he became immediately fascinated by the Native traditions of people such as the Haida. He learned to c...

Tom Campbell: New Video Version! Shedding Light on the Speed of Light: The Implications of Variances

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In this new video version, Tom Campbell shares his insights on the recorded variances in the speed of light discovered by Dr. Rupert Sheldrake (Science Set Free) when examining official records in the London Patent Of...

Becoming Conscious: The Science of Mindfulness

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Many of us go through daily life on autopilot, without being fully aware of our conscious experience.Neuroscientists Richard Davidson and Amishi Jha join clinical mindfulness expert Jon Kabat-Zinn to explore the role ...

TEDx Cambridge: Jeff Lieberman – Science and Spirituality

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Jeff Lieberman, an MIT-trained artist, scientist and engineer, makes a scientific argument for mystical experience. He asks us to challenge our perception of what we are, our relationship to the universe, and our rela...

Thomas Campbell – The Data Recovered!

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An interview with My Big Theory Of Everything author Thomas Campbell. Key topics include : love, optimum consciousness, the nature of reality, voodoo, black magic, the probable future of humanity, Tom Campbell chooses...

The Spiritual Evolution Of Consciousness From Quantum Physics Point Of View

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With: Steven Greer, Kerry Cassidy, Bill Ryan, Alex Jones, Mark Dice, David Icke

Stuart Hameroff on Singularity 1 on 1: Consciousness is More than Computation!

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Dr. Stuart Hameroff is a Professor of Anesthesiology and Psychology, and Director of the Center for Consciousness Studies at the University of Arizona. Together with British quantum physicist Sir Roger Penrose, Hamero...

Pulling Energy from the Vacuum – Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden

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Colonel Bearden is a leading conceptualist in alternate energy technologies, electromagnetic bio-effects, unified field theory concepts, and other related areas. He is a retired Lieutenant Colonel of the US Army and h...

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