Spirituality 101

We do not have to perceive the world through this mindset. If we perceive things from the perspective that everything we know is a construct of consciousness, everything changes.

With this shift, whether or not we are at peace is no longer determined by what we have or do in the material world. We created our perception of the world. We have given it all the meaning and value it has for us. And, we are free to see it differently.

People are disturbed not by things, but the view they take of them.
– Epictetus

Nothing has to be achieved in order to be at peace. All we have to do is stop doing–stop wanting things to be different, stop worrying, stop getting upset when things don’t go as we would wish, or people don’t behave as we think they should. When we stop doing all the things that obscure the peace that is there at our core, we find that what we have been seeking all along is there, waiting silently for us.

This, to me, is Spirituality 101. It is a universal principle, independent of time, culture, or religious belief. And it is the core principle from which many spiritual practices unfold.

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