The president of the David Lynch Foundation is Dr. John Hagelin, a world-renowned Quantum Physicist, educator, author and science and public policy expert. Dr. Hagelin has conducted pioneering research at the European Center for Particle Physics and the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, and is responsible for the development of a highly successful Grand Unified Field Theory based on the Super String. His scientific contributions in the fields of Electroweak Unification, Grand Unification, Supersymmetry and Cosmology include some of the most cited references in the physical sciences. Dr. Hagelin received his doctorate from Harvard University, he is currently Director of the Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy and is a Professor of Physics at the Maharishi University of Management. And he is establishing a much-needed University of World Peace in Washington DC. Would you please welcome Dr. John Hagelin.

Dr. Hagelin: Thank you very much. I normally am not afraid of public speaking, but following David Lynch is a different experience. He’s got this million dollar coiffure, which makes some of us feel a little follically challenged. And what’s underneath the coiffure is so incredible, such an artist, and so articulate in describing in such a poetic but lucid way these deep experiences of inner consciousness, that there’s not really much for me to say except perhaps to shed some scientific light on what this experience is, which I’ll try to do.

Really, the experience of unity beneath life’s surface diversity is an age old experience, an understanding of every major spiritual tradition on earth. And in the last 25 years, particularly in the last 10, modern science, through it’s own systematic means of gaining knowledge, has probed deep into the structure of physical reality and also confirmed a fundamental unity at the basis of life’s surface diversity. The conclusion of all these centuries of research simply is that the universe is superficially complex, but fundamentally simple. The universe is superficially diverse, but fundamentally unified.

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