In this new video version, Tom Campbell shares his insights on the recorded variances in the speed of light discovered by Dr. Rupert Sheldrake (Science Set Free) when examining official records in the London Patent Office.

Tom explores why and how the speed of light, presented by mainstream science as an unshakeable constant, might actually change. Tom explains the implications of this information on our existence in reference to quantum mechanics, technology, the probability of travel to other universes, and its relation to human evolution and purpose. Rupert Sheldrake: The Science Delusion Rupert Sheldrake website: Science Set Free (USA title) Tom Campbell website My Big TOE
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Tom Campbell is a Large Complex Systems Analyst and consultant for NASA as well as an explorer of the realms of Consciousness. His research and expertise in both fields has continued for more than forty years. He is the only known physicist to have simultaneously excelled at analyzing both large complex systems as a physicist and exploring the large complex system we call reality. These unique abilities led him to derive a Big TOE from outside the box of mainstream physics.

Notable quotes by Tom from this interview:
“Consciousness is the Computer, Dr Fredkin!”
“Virtual Reality is becoming acceptable physics.”

My note: The term Larger Consciousness System (the intelligent, highly organized “programer” that we are a part of) may be interpreted by some as God.

Thank you to the Edge Bros; Odd Edges for their assistance in editing this video!

A special thank you to Mr Pickles (the parrot), Strider (the dog), and Max (the cat).

Interview by Donna Aveni



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